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Management avoidance of hard questions is seen as a means of making fewer hard decisions [more].

Blaming others -- blacks, muslims, etc -- may be seen as a typical technique to ensure such avoidance.

That's one reason why question reluctance is a significant factor in sabotaging sales success.

It's also why developing ease and eagerness with questions can make such a difference to your bottom line.

Of partiuclar interest is the possibility of using the avoidance of these questions as a basis for understanding both the persistence of the range of problems profiled in the -- and the hindrances to the strategies in response to them. Our age, however, has widely become known as the age of meaninglessness, and for good reason.

This approach leads to a presentation of these forms as a set of interrelated conditions that point to a science of "spin" but also to a healthy framework within which the appropriateness of particular forms of question can be considered. , 1980), maintenance learning reinforces existing categories and paradigms, the disciplines to which they give rise, and the professional and institutional division of labour of which they are the basis.

The aftermath of 9/11 has given rise to commentary on "avoiding hard questions".

But if you can squeeze a question into one of a few choice categories, the unwritten rules allow the politician to not answer at all.Prospective customers sense anxiety and react to it, consciously or unconsciously.It can be uncomfortable to interact with someone who's anxious, so they may not even want to speak with you. In the light of this recognition, in the case of business leadership, the exploration here endeavours to identify the challenges for social change leadership that may be especially associated with the classical WH-questions. Leadership courses for executives typically focus on such challenging questions rather than on formulaic answers.

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