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However, all that smiling and nodding doesn’t do much to counteract that meek and mild image, which is why people who don’t know me well are always surprised when I unleash a sarcastic or sardonic comment, even if that comment is only a quarter of the sass that I’ve been storing up for the entirety of the “conversation.”I often feel like I am two different people.First, there’s the shy and fragile girl who others perceive me to be just because I’m not constantly talking.However, I was becoming aware that the person I knew myself to be was vastly different than the way others perceived me.If you are an introvert and you don’t talk a lot, people will automatically assume that you are a very meek and mild-mannered person.We restarted our social lives on equal footing and now have several close friends we both love spending time with. Sometimes it means we do my thing tonight and your thing next weekend.Sometimes it means one person goes out and the other stays in (Special note to lesbians: It's perfectly fine to do this once in a while, and it doesn't mean your relationship is in trouble, I swear! Nine out of 10 people will tell you that the secret to a good relationship is compromise (the 10th will mention vibrating cock rings), but bear in mind that it's equally important to define the marathon?

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Like most introverts, I have an inner warrior that emerges the moment you assault one of my core beliefs or values.Pay attention to your introvert's needs, people, especially if your introvert is really, really attractive.If you don't, trust me, someone else out there will!“When I call on you, you aren’t shy, and you know the answers,” he said.I actually thought I talked a lot in his class, much more than I did in my other classes.

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