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Director Roger Michell; plus Out Of Joint’s chief Max Stafford-Clark and producer Karl Sydow (it’s a co-production with the NT) are hoping that as many of the company can transfer as possible.

It’s one of the hottest new plays of the year; and if you’ve seen it, and are wondering if I blushed at that moment, I did.

Katie has overdosed at least seven times, caught Hepatitis C, suffered seizures and continues to use drugs despite multiple trips in and out of rehab centers.

Her mother admits continuing to let Katie do drugs, sometimes even driving her to her dealer or dipping into her retirement fund to help pay for the addiction.

Nina Raine’s searing, must-see play Consent, which finishes a successful run in the National’s Dorfman Theatre on Wednesday — and is likely to transfer into the West End in the autumn.

Raine’s drama (it had me on the edge of my seat a few times) is about sexual assault, adultery, London lawyers — and many other things — and when I caught up with it, there were brilliant performances from Anna Maxwell Martin, Ben Chaplin , Adam James, Priyanga Burford, Pip Carter, Heather Craney and Daisy Haggard.

"It's a miracle she's alive." Katie's habits cost 0 a day, and admits she pays for drugs and alcohol by prostituting herself. "Sometimes to get through it, I literally have to find one thing about them that I don't hate and say it over and over to myself in my head to keep from stabbing them in the eye with a knife."Her family says the troubles began when Katie was 16; she developed an eating disorder while attending an unidentified parochial school.

Elba and his collaborators at Warp Films, Studio Canal and BBC Films, have cast some superb young actors.

They include Naomi Ackie — who appears alongside Florence Pugh in the acclaimed BFI movie Lady Macbeth; Duramaney Kamara, who was in Leo Butler’s play Boy at the Almeida Theatre last year; Anthony Foster, who was in A Midsummer Night’s Dream at the Haymarket (as well as Elba’s music video, Unstoppable); and Calvin Demba, sublime in Patrick Marber’s play, Red Lion, at the National two years back. Elba will take his Yardie cast and crew to shoot on locations in Jamaica in late June.

These included the opening number where three sailors (Mac, Haig and Edwards), who haven’t had female company for heaven knows how long, go on shore leave in search of girls on Manhattan.‘You’ve got three, puppy-like sailors — all in white — and the women have a wonderful time corrupting them,’ Mc Onie observed. He also made the (valid) point that, in letting off steam during their shore leave, the friends are celebrating the fact that they’re still alive. His character, Ozzie, boasts initially that he wants to be with eight women.

Connolly, as Hildy the female taxi-driver, saucily begs Chip (Haig) to ‘Come Up To My Place’.‘It’s very current: she’s not being wooed — she’s wooing him! Mac said the three servicemen discover that, in New York, the women are wearing the trousers. ‘But he’s shown that there’s more to life; and he goes away to war with a sense of real love in his heart.’Or, as Haig put it, sometimes ‘plans fall by the wayside in the most wonderful way’. That’s pretty much what I felt just watching that rehearsal.

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