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Consider these examples: None of these individuals has had an in-the-flesh sexual encounter outside of their primary relationship, and yet all four have been accused of infidelity by their spouse.

These scenarios beg the question: A few years ago, in an attempt to answer this question, Jennifer Schneider, Charles Samenow, and I conducted a survey of women whose husbands were engaging in significant amounts of extramarital sexual activity, either online or in the real world.

Assuming you were holding the device in landscape mode, you'll find the headphone jack and power button on the left, the volume rocker and LTE SIM slot (if there is one) on the top. It's on the bottom that things start to get interesting.

There you'll find Apple's three-pronged Smart Connector, which you'll use to connect the i Pad to whatever keyboard you end up choosing.

Our research found that when it comes to the negative impact of sex and romance outside the bounds of a supposedly monogamous relationship, tech-based and real-world interactions are : The emotional pain, the sense of betrayal, and the loss of relationship trust feel exactly the same to the aggrieved partner.

Based on the results of this study—and more than 25 years of clinical experience—I have concluded that it’s not the of a sexual or romantic act that cause the most pain and do the most damage to a romantic relationship, it’s the lying, the emotional distancing, the loss of intimacy, and the disintegration of trust.

In fact, Tim Cook himself has suggested as much in interviews.

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Moreover, it is flexible depending on the relationship; it lets couples define their own version of fidelity based on what is important to them, as determined through honest, nonjudgmental discussions and mutual decision making.(Apple has licensed the design to third-party accessory makers, starting with Logitech.) Unlike some other 2-in-1s I've seen, the connector here is virtually flush with the tablet's edge, so it's unlikely to snag on anything else you have in your bag.It makes a satisfying click when you drop it into your keyboard and because the magnetic connection is so strong, you won't have to work hard to line up the male and female connectors.As such, I have developed a definition of cheating for digital age that might help couples clarify what is and is not acceptable within the bounds of their relationship: Please notice that this definition does not directly refer to affairs, pornography, strip clubs, hookup apps, sexting, webcams, flirting, chatting, fantasizing, or any other specific sexual or romantic act.Instead, it focuses on what matters most to you, your partner, and your relationship—the emotional distancing, the sense of intimate betrayal, and the loss of trust.

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