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There was a lot that spoke to my generation when we were thirteen.

Benjie hasn't cought on yet ( he will,we all do) Hermie meets and falls in love with a twentythree year old war bride Dorthy.(Francis Keegan) Csodálatos kalandozás az időben, mikor háború és halál szakította széjjel az emberek életét, de a szerelem tovább virágzott.(S. Mehegan, NY)I've read this a couple of times during the summer, there's a dog-eared copy at the house I spent all my summers at as a kid.I love the nostalgia and the coming-of-age jokes and I read it before I got the jokes and after, which makes it a part of my own coming of age, I suppose.He is one of a gang of three boys whose families take a vacation in the summer at Nantucket Island.They run with the sun and wind and dream of days when they are treated as adults. Girls, dating, and an experience that changes Hermie forever.

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