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An equitable division does not necessarily mean an equal (50/50 split between the parties) division.What is Support Alimony and when is it awarded by the Court?Support Alimony is the payment of a sum certain, usually on a monthly basis, from one divorcing party to the other.Support Alimony may be ordered in a divorce case in addition to child support.However, most attorneys will charge an hourly rate if the matter becomes contested.Can an attorney represent both me and my spouse in an uncontested divorce?

An attorney can draft the decree of divorce according to the agreement that you and your spouse have made, allow your spouse to review the decree of divorce and approve it prior to it being presented and approved by the Court.

Divorces that do not involve minor children can be finalized in as little as 10 days from the date of filing the petition for divorce. Child support is computed based upon the number of minor children, the gross monthly income of both parties and in some cases the number of nights the minor children spend with the non-custodial parents.

If your case is contested, the divorce will usually take longer to complete than the 90 day and 10 day waiting periods due to the discovery process and dockets in family Court. The child support guidelines take into consideration the health insurance premiums paid by one party for the health care coverage of the minor children. In Oklahoma, there are two types of custody, sole custody of the minor children to one party with visitation to the non-custodial parent and joint custody where the minor child primarily resides at one residence but both parties are jointly responsible for making decisions on behalf of the minor children.

Marital assets are assets acquired during the marriage.

Separate assets are asset which one party acquired prior to a marriage and maintained as separate property, property inherited during the marriage and property received as a gift by one party during the marriage.

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