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After we lay there for a while and catch our breath my wife turns to me and says "your cock tasted funny". She couldn't really describe it, just she really liked it and somehow it seemed to really turn her on. if you are into porn, and if you come across questionable material, then you are absolutely CRAZY if you do not get Window Washer software, or something comparable, to wipe clean your hard drive. i do a deep clean anytime i come across questionable material. in high school it was always mini skirts, thigh high boots and tight tops. Also when I have sex with wife I imagine one of them her soft skin and how she moan.

Well it has been a year since that happened and I am on a business trip heading home tomorrow. shes gone a bit more conservative in her dress now, but she still gets me hard just thinking about her, the other day we spent all day chatting on facebook, (she lives in texas, i live in illinois so we dont see each other but 2-3 times a year) and she told me to be completely honest with her, so i admitted i was attracted to her and she was completely cool about it. I like to cumming on their shirts, dresses, panties, boots, lingeria...

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My confession is that I have always been attracted to my friend's wife. She is so beautiful and fun, I have always envied other words, does my Window Washer software really work, or did i get ripped off for ? My wife comes home from work and says with a giggle, 'hey I met this really cute guy at work today and he was funny and really hitting on me. ' She looks at me like a lost puppy, 'well of course dear, this is a DATE and we had sex when I dated you, right?I liked it so I let him keep complementing me and he ended up asking me on a date! Besides, it's not like you satisfy me anyways, so he can just help you in that department.' The dream went something like that. My wife comes home at a different time from the above story and breaks this to me, 'I'm pregnant.' I jump for joy, 'that's great dear! ' She looks annoyed, 'well don't be, it's not yours.Anyway, nothing got me hornier than knowing these older guys wanted to use my ass.I loved chatting with married guys because I knew they were paranoid about keeping it a secret like me.

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