Standards for dating

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In my mom’s generation they always said, “He won’t want to buy the cow if you give the milk away for free!”In my generation, guys talked about which girls were “wife material” and which girls were “f**k-able”.”When he turned around and came at me, I realized that may have not been the safest choice.When my husband met up with my son and me outside the store he was aghast.You’re supposed to be hot, you’re supposed to entice guys, but not supposed to actually enjoy or want sex with them.

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Nobody should feel empowered to harass or harm anybody else.Why isn’t the woman you want to have crazy sex with also the one you’d consider having a relationship with?What does settling down with a more “virginal” woman gain you?He said, “You’re going to end up getting ME into fights with this stuff, too, you know.”He explained to me the pressure upon a man, particularly a husband and father, to step in and defend us.He asked, “What would happen if I just walked away while this guy yelled at you? You may not have minded, but I would feel like a failure, and most of the people watching would’ve seen me as an asshole, a wimp, or a bad husband and dad.”It is a really tough situation, as women are generally smaller and less able to protect ourselves, and we often do not possess the social capital to advocate for ourselves to men the way other men can due to the remnants of patriarchy.

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