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That means you’ve executed on first and second down, and now we need to kind of finish it. It’s just like when [former Giants offensive coordinator Kevin] Gilbride left and [Giants offensive coordinator Ben] Mc Adoo came in: the offensive system has changed and the defensive system has changed. I don’t sit there at the end of the first quarter and say, ‘That’s surprising.’ It’s a matter of how you play the game.

We need to not allow them to stay on the field, so we can turn the ball back over to our offense. How is Spagnuolo’s defense different from former Giants defensive coordinator Perry Fewell’s defense? So it’s new players, different — some new faces back there. Are you surprised with all the talent you have out here, that you’re getting off to such a slow start? You’ve got to execute to play the game to be successful. When did Eagles defensive line/assistant head coach Jerry Azzinaro first get on your radar? I actually coached against him when he was at UMass and I was at New Hampshire. I knew people that knew him, that coached with him. It seems like he’s maximizing the potential of everybody he’s working with.

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Diaz’s feat earned for the Philippines its first medal in weightlifting and the first Olympic medal in two decades since Mansueto “Onyok” Vel­asco won silver medal in box­ing during the Atlanta Games in 1996.You put them in a situation where it is third-down, now we need to get a stop and we need to get off the field. We always have a third-down period every day in training, whether it be in seven-on-seven or in our team sessions, but I think our guys are kind of understanding what we have to do.A lot of times it’s really — the ones that really are the back breakers are the third-and-longs because you put them into a third-and-long.How much has getting off of the field been a focus this week? It’s just we need to — it’s just like we were offensively when we weren’t successful: we need to execute.And playing really good third-down defense is critical to being a good defensive football team.

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