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The harmony of the couple and of society depends in part on the way in which the complementarity, needs, and mutual support between the sexes are lived out.” Accepting myself as I truly am requires that I reject a belief that I have a sexual identity other than being a man made for women.

Though I am living a single life, I am no different than all of my other single friends who have yet to be married.Of late, much attention has been given in both the secular media and Christian media to those who call themselves “gay celibate Christians.” As a man attracted to men yet committed to traditional Catholic teaching on human sexuality, I find the notion both of being “gay” or “celibate” strange.Indeed, in the context of what the virtue of chastity is all about, neither of them make sense.Why would I call myself a gay man, then, simply because I find men sexually attractive?This is in opposition to the way God made me and the nature he gave me.

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