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DENVER – After six years of service, United States Attorney John Walsh today announced plans to step down from his position effective midnight on Wednesday, August 10, 2016. He was appointed to his position by President Barack Obama and confirmed unanimously by the United States Senate, entering on duty August 10, 2010. He played a key leadership role on the team that won a landmark billion settlement against Citibank, securing millions for defrauded consumers in the largest settlement in the history of the Colorado U. Attorney’s office, and one of the largest settlements in the Justice Department’s history.

Attorney Walsh has been a Colorado and national prosecutorial leader and an aggressive advocate of building strong relationships between federal, state and local law enforcement and between law enforcement and the community. Attorney since the 1980s, and among the longest serving U. “For the past six years, John has protected our civil liberties, defended our national security, and aggressively and successfully prosecuted organized crime, drug cartels and gang violence.

This is nothing new for Walsh, he notoriously didn't bother to check a single fact when he went on Larry King Live years ago saying Jon Benet had been found HANGING and was "cut down", TOTALLY AND COMPLETELY FALSE STATEMENTS BY JOHN WALSH REGARDING THE RAMSEY CASE.

Thanks to Candy for pointing this program out, another classic find!SO HE CUTS DOWN JONBENET, WHO IS HANGING DOWN THERE.He compromised the crime scene, whether he had anything to do with it or he had nothing to do with it, HE CUT DOWN HIS DAUGHTER IN THE CRIME SCENE WITH THE DNA." Certainly this man is not stupid, and while he could be mistaken, it makes one wonder whether all the information we have about this case is correct....?In the six years since, 2011 to 2016 (to date -- partial year), criminal collections have totaled ,885,634.79, over three times greater. Budget and Staffing Challenges Addressed In managing the U. Attorney’s Office, Walsh worked diligently to help weather years of budget restrictions, including budget “sequestration,” and extended multi-year hiring freeze and a government shutdown that in combination left the U. First Assistant Bob Troyer will become the Acting U. Moreover, the United States Attorney’s Office’s Financial Litigation Unit has successfully pursued several sophisticated enforcement actions that were unprecedented in this office, including a fraudulent conveyance action, writs of execution for personal and real property, and nominee liens. Attorney’s Office As a result of these and other cases, since August 2010, the Department of Justice has awarded members of the U. Attorney’s Office for the District of Colorado with an unprecedented number of Department awards, including 11 Attorney General’s Awards (awarded for cases of national significance to the Department and the United States) and 21 Director’s Awards (awarded for cases of national significance among the U.

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